RPCX 228 – Custom HO Evans Boxcar

RPCX 228

My HO scale model of RPCX started out as an undecorated Atlas Evans boxcar.  I had a set of Microscale decals for the Ralston Purina scheme.  I also ran across a photo of the real RPCX 228 on the internet.  Even though Atlas offers an Evans boxcar in a similar scheme, RPCX 228 was slightly different.  I thought it would be worth modeling.

I made a lot of the same modifications to the car as I did to my model of SFLC 11157.  I have a number of these Atlas models and they all generally get similar treatment.  I usually replace the crossover platforms, couplers, stirrups, add uncoupling levers, and change a few other details.

Once the body was finished I washed it in Windex and water and let it dry.  I airbrushed white primer on the entire car first.  Then I sprayed on the red paint.  Unfortunately I don’t remember what red I used.  After the red was dry I masked the roof and sprayed it silver.  A final clear gloss coat was applied to prepare the model for decals.

The Microscale decal sheet had all of the major markings.  Some of their newer decal sheets also have a lot of small stencils.  Unfortunately this was an older sheet and did not.  Evans boxcars have a lot of instructions printed on the doors.  Reproducing those markings was a challenge.

I ended up using bits of this and that from various Microscale boxcar and freight car data sheets.  Doing both sides of the car took a considerable amount of time.  My markings are still not 100% true to prototype.  The best I was able to do was to make something that looks right.  My model of RPCX 228 looks just fine parked next to other factory painted Evans boxcars.  Only a true nitpicker with a magnifying glass would notice the difference.

Once the decals were done I sprayed the car will a clear matte finish.  This provides a good base for weathering.  I weathered the car using my reference photos as a guide.  The techniques I used are covered in our HO Weathering & Detailing series.

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