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The TSG Multimedia Podcast – you can play the most recent podcast content right from this page!

TSG Multimedia started podcasting in 2010 with a monthly audio podcast. This audio podcast was hosted by John and Dan, who talked about a huge range of topics and were sometimes joined by special guests from the railroading industry for interviews or discussions. The format of this podcast was always wide open and it was never rehearsed in any way. The casual listener may not even realized this, because the conversations naturally took a fluid direction. Because it was edited for content, quality, and time, it was very easy to listen to. The audio podcast continues to be released every month, but with a new approach.

It was not long before we released our first video podcast which featured some HO Scale and N Scale models. The video podcast was originally released via the Podomatic RSS feed but has since been moved exclusively to YouTube because YouTube allows us to upload the best HD quality videos. Much like the audio podcast, the video podcast is not rehearsed, although the topics are determined ahead of time.

Starting in 2016, we combined the audio and video podcasts into one production that is geared toward our YouTube audience. The audio from this program is simultaneously uploaded to our RSS feed through podomatic as the monthly audio podcast, and both versions release at the same time on the 15th of every month. This transformation has allowed us to reach even more people, and created a popular “magazine” style program for our YouTube channel which features a variety of train-related content with a much more interactive approach.


Audio Podcast:

Video Podcast:


There are hundreds of hours of free video content on our YouTube presence – from free programs to special events, to podcasts to product reviews and much more. Please consider visiting us on YouTube and subscribing so we can continue to bring more high quality content to the public. Content is added weekly.

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