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In addition to producing our own videos and content, TSG Multimedia offers a variety of additional services. The most important keys to good production are knowledge of lighting and audio recording, good equipment, and thorough planning. High attention to detail can make the difference between good and great. Just because your company has a HD camera does not mean the person behind it knows how to use it.

Professional Video Production

  • Wedding Videography
  • Training Videos
  • How-to Videos
  • Real Estate Sales Aids
  • Special Events

With today’s excellent equipment, good is easy to attain, but great comes from better techniques and knowledge of lighting and audio production. TSG Multimedia uses 4K ultra high definition digital cameras and non-linear digital editing equipment to give your video production a professional appearance. Depending on the project’s needs, external audio sources are also utilized to optimize the finished product. Your project is 100% digital, which gives the best possible results. TSG Multimedia also takes pride in the fact that we include services that other companies don’t even offer!

Video Editing/Duplication

  • Non-linear Editing
  • Blu-Ray and DVD Authoring / Duplication
  • Digital Titling / Motion Effects
  • Image Correction

CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray Production/Duplication

  • CD DVD and Blu-Ray Production/Reproduction
  • CD and DVD Authoring
  • Direct To Disc Printing
  • VHS To Blu-Ray, DVD, or Digital File Conversion
  • Audio/Video Tape to CD Conversion


There are several samples of our work available for viewing on our Vimeo page.

Some of the samples included are from early on, and are there to demonstrate that we have been doing this for a long time. The wide screen samples are more recent and demonstrate HD productions we have created within the past few years.

We are highly rated and recommended!

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015                      

We earned a “Best of 2015” and “Best of 2016” awards from Thumbtack for being one of the highest rated videographers on their site. That means our clients loved their results.

We were also featured in Thumbtack’s “Pro Spotlights” section in 2016.

A Word About Wedding Videography

People are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding photographer but do not think about video sometimes until the last minute, or overlook it completely, because Uncle Joe will be there with his camcorder. Sounds great until you see the results. A few too many cocktails and the next thing you know, you get motion sickness watching that kind of video. You can hire one of those “budget” video companies or get an add-on from the photographer for $600, but your video will not look much better than Uncle Joe’s, because that is not what they specialize in.

We shoot weddings in 4K ultra high definition, with tripods and wireless audio, so you can see and hear what you want to remember. We then edit the video on an editing suite which allows us to use digital cross-dissolves, add music for montage segments, and fine tune the audio tracks. Once everything is finished, you can choose to have it delivered on a private High Definition YouTube channel, an external USB drive, a DVD, or on a Blu-Ray Disc. Our wedding videos are commonly re-watched every year by couples on their anniversary because it brings them back to the happiest day of their lives authentically. We may cost more than Uncle Joe, but it is well-worth it.


Please see our wedding sample album on Vimeo by clicking here.


If you have a need, please ask us. We can handle just about any multimedia task you might have.


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