Digital Downloads

There are some pros and cons between physical media and digital downloads.

Delivery Time and Shipping Charges:
We highly recommend our Digital Downloads, especially for international customers, to prevent long delivery times and expensive shipping charges. You can purchase a video and watch it in hours (maybe even minutes, depending on your internet speed!) instead of days.

Another great advantage to our Digital Download option is that if your program was recorded in High Definition, your download will come to you in High Definition as well. If you buy a DVD or DVD-R, the program is limited to Standard Definition. as that is the maximum definition allowed by the DVD medium.

In some cases, a DVD may contain additional “bonus” content, including a still photo gallery and trailers of our other programs, whereas a digital download only contains the main program in most cases.

Our Digital Downloads are formatted as .mp4 files. Full-length .mp4s can range in size up to 3GB, so your download may take some time, depending on your internet connection speed.

You are purchasing a personal license to store ONE version of the Digital Download on any electronic device you own. You may re-download the file unlimited times using the link you receive when you make your purchase, so keep the link safe. Every link is unique and we monitor our download traffic regularly. If your link appears to be getting more than average use, we may revoke the license, rendering your link unusable, so please do not share it.

The license is for personal viewing ONLY. You may not use the media in any other way. Broadcasting, uploading, public exhibition, or use of any part of the video outside of its delivered form is strictly prohibited. We take our intellectual property very seriously and will prosecute any instances of copyright violation vigorously.

The license has limited transferability, meaning you cannot legally transfer the file to someone else’s device UNLESS you delete it off your own device permanently.

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