TSG SD7 31 and SD26 26

TSG SD7 31 and SD26 26

TSG SD7 31 and SD26 26 are two more Atlas N scale locomotives that I painted for our fictitious TSG railroad.  These locomotives were painted to match the GP7 and GP30 that I described in my last post.  To date, these four are the only locomotives on the Tuscany & Sabine Grove roster.

SD7 31

This SD7 uses the same paint scheme as GP7 15.  Both locomotives have high short hoods and a similar overall look.  The biggest difference in terms of paint is that the SD7 is longer.  The position of the “TSG” lettering had to be adjusted accordingly.

One thing that I tried to do was to keep the height of the black/purple separation the same on all the models.  They probably don’t match exactly, but are close enough to look right when operating together.

I used the same Polly Scale Atlantic Coast Line Purple on SD7 31 as I did on the GP7.  Since Polly Scale has been discontinued, future TSG equipment will need new paint once my stockpile runs out.

As with the GP7, the decals on SD7 31 are from Microscale.   The road number, number boards and “TSG” came from various alphabet decal sheets.  Different sheets supplied the barricade stripes, horizontal white stripes, and miscellaneous labels.

The model is equipped with a Digitrax DCC decoder.  The SD7 was DCC-ready so it was an easy installation.

SD26 26

The SD26 was another Atlas N scale undecorated model.  Most of the real Santa Fe SD26s that weren’t scrapped ended up on Guilford.  I thought that it was at least plausible that the TSG might have acquired one.  Really, I just like SD26s and I wanted to paint one in this color scheme.  Since this locomotive has a low short hood, the paint scheme is similar to GP30 25.  Painting was a little more complicated with all of the air tanks and plumbing on the roof.

The yellow air conditioner unit on top of the cab is unique to this unit.  I painted it that way thinking that maybe it was a spare unit still in Santa Fe colors.  This unit also has purple walkways instead of black as on the other TSG diesels.

The SD26 was DCC ready and it is also equipped with a Digitrax DCC decoder.

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