Digital Download Format

Digital Downloads – New!

Digital Download format is now available for all of our titles.

Digital download programs play the same as our DVD versions.  The only difference is the media.  When you buy a DVD, we put it in an envelope and ship it to you through the mail.  If you buy a digital download your program is available immediately.  You can download it directly to your computer.  Best of all, you don’t pay for postage!

Standard Definition Downloadable programs have exactly the same image quality as the DVD versions.  All of the bonus chapters, if any, are included, too!

High Definition Downloadable programs look even better than the DVD titles by the same name. This is because DVD is limited to Standard Definition, whereas digital downloads are uploaded in their High Definition format.

If you have a smart TV connected to your computer you can watch a digital download program just like you would a DVD.  You can also watch on your computer screen.

Digital download titles are available in right here in the website store.  Once you make a purchase, a link to the download file will appear in your “My Account” tab.

Our digital files are in .mp4 or .m4v format.  Most computers have a free media player app available which will play files of this type.  If you have tablet you can transfer the downloaded file to that and watch it there, too! Some tablets may require you to convert the download to a specific format before uploading it to the tablet. Free format converter programs are commonly available for download on the internet.

Downloaded programs will never wear out or get scratched.  They don’t take up valuable storage space, either.

Most people should be able to download a program in under 90 minutes.  The actual time will depend on the file size and the speed of your internet connection.  Some people may be able to download the programs much faster.

You can also download a program you’ve already purchased again if there is a problem.  All that we ask is that you please keep any copies to yourself.

Digital Downloads


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