Current Production

John and Dan were hard at work yesterday on our upcoming HO Weathering & Detailing series on diesel locomotives.  They worked on the last of 8 HO scale locomotives that will be covered, a Kato Burlington Northern SD40.  This locomotive will be equipped with a Loksound Select DCC decoder.  Dan will show how he created a custom enclosure for the speaker and rigged the lighting so that the headlights, number boards, beacon, and class lights work independently.

The locomotive is not quite done yet but as of yesterday the decoder was installed and working.  The speaker is sounding good and the class lights, rear headlight, and rear number boards are operable.  John and Dan left off working on the cab, which features American Model Builders windows, A-line and Detail Associates wipers, a Details West beacon, and more!

This has been a long project but is nearing completion and we are looking forward to bringing it to you soon!

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