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Iron Road CD

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Iron Road is an album of original instrumental music by Daniel Cortopassi, featuring John Abatecola on drums.  Since Dan is a guitar player, the music is guitar oriented.  Most of the tracks are probably best described as rock with a sprinkling of country, southern rock, funk and other influences.

The name Iron Road reflects Dan’s love of trains as well as the fact that the album is a kind of journey.  Dan had a loose story concept in mind about a character that starts out with great aspirations.  Through the course of the album the hero falters and eventually comes to a moment of reckoning.  There is then a symbolic rebirth.  The hero emerges older and hopefully wiser.

The Iron Road CD comes in a shrink wrapped Digipak case.  The train on the cover is a picture Dan took of McCloud River No. 25 at Signal Butte, California in 2008.

The tracks from Iron Road can be previewed on iTunes.

There are twelve tracks on the album:

  1. Highball (4:20)
  2. The Sneak (5:05)
  3. Iron Road (5:58)
  4. Old School (6:33)
  5. Racing the Past (4:29)
  6. Showdown (5:16)
  7. The Shaman (7:01)
  8. Birthday Song (4:23)
  9. A New Road (5:36)
  10. The Last Ride (2:50)
  11. 16th Street Station (5:07)
  12. Railroad Hotel (6:22)

Daniel Cortopassi

John Abatecola

Recorded and Mixed with
Logic Pro

Mastered at
A. Hammer Mastering, San Francisco

Cover Art & Graphic Design
Daniel Cortopassi

©2014 Daniel Cortopassi

This is a video of 16th Street Station, one of the tracks on Iron Road.  It was inspired by the unfortunately now-derelict train station in Oakland, California.  The video was produced by TSG Multimedia.  Dan shot some of the footage in this video with his iPhone while riding on the train from Los Angeles to San Antonio to attend WorldCon 2013.

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