HO Weathering & Detailing Volume 4 Blu-ray

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  HO Weathering & Detailing Volume 4 Blu-ray

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HO Weathering & Detailing Volume 4 is a how-to video about aging and applying additional details to HO scale diesels.

Now available in spectacular Blu-ray HD!

Weathering and detailing are two of the best ways to improve the appearance of a model diesel.

A weathered model looks like it is part of its environment.  Real trains gather dust, dirt, and grime as they travel.  Very old or neglected equipment may get rusty.  Newer equipment will look cleaner.  The goal is to make the model look like the real thing.

But that is just part of the story.  Many locomotive models can be made more accurate by using aftermarket parts to add details that the manufacturer omitted or to replace out-of-scale or incorrect details.

In this program we take you through four diesel builds from start to finish.  We’ll use four completely different models to illustrate a variety of techniques.  Each locomotive is painstakingly aged and detailed to match a specific prototype at a specific time.

We take on a wide range of detailing projects.  We’ll cover everything from simple tasks like adding sunshades to more involved jobs like fan replacement.  We’ll show how to model plated-over lights, how to fabricate brake lines, how to remove lettering and apply a new road number, and more!

Follow along as we demonstrate our techniques for painting and aging wheels and trucks, adding dirt, dust, and exhaust stains, making paint appear faded, and more!

We also show ways to improve factory lighting, and show how to add speakers to models not originally designed for sound.

All the models in HO Weathering & Detailing Volume 4 feature LokSound DCC decoders courtesy ESU.

HO Weathering & Detailing Volume 4 Models

Join us for some HO scale model railroading fun!


HO Weathering & Detailing Volume 4 Trailer

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