HO Weathering & Detailing Volume 1


Run Time: 93 minutes
  HO Weathering & Detailing Volume 1 DVD

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HO Weathering & Detailing Volume 1 is a how-to video about aging and applying additional details to HO scale rolling stock.

Weathering is one of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of a freight car.  A nice weathering job can turn an average model into a good one, and give even the most ordinary car character.

In addition to weathering, many cars can be improved with the addition of a few simple details like uncoupling levers and air hoses.

In HO Weathering & Detailing Volume 1, we take on five weathering projects from start to finish, using six different cars to illustrate a variety of techniques.  Each example shows every step of the process.

We cover weathering and simple detailing, as well as some techniques for adding graffiti, including a special bonus chapter focused entirely on tagging a covered hopper.

Follow along as we demonstrate our techniques for painting and weathering wheels, adding rust, streaking and discoloring car sides, and more!  We cover a wide range of techniques, including washes, powders, paints, and even colored pencils!

Our layered weathering approach means that you can use some of the techniques and stop if you think the car looks good.  Or, you can keep going and make a car look truly old and decrepit!

Some of the examples are subtle and others are more extreme.  We picked a variety of different car types from different eras and railroads.  While our cars may not be exactly like yours, the techniques work well on just about any type of rolling stock, whatever era and railroad you model!

We’ll also show how to check coupler height and wheel gauge so that the car will run as good as it looks!

HO Weathering & Detailing Volume 1 also includes a bonus still photo library!

HO Weathering & Detailing Volume 1 Models

Join us for some HO scale model railroading fun!


HO Weathering & Detailing Volume 1 Trailer

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