A Day at Pinole

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A Day at Pinole DVD

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A Day at Pinole captures the railroading action along the Union Pacific Martinez Subdivision in Pinole, California.

Pinole, a quiet suburb on the shores of San Pablo Bay, is probably not the first name that comes to mind when thinking of railroading hot spots.  There are no yards here, no junctions.  Still, with the BNSF Stockton Subdivision hugging the hills overlooking the bay, and Union Pacific’s Martinez Subdivision on the shore, there is never too long a wait for the next train.

UP’s double-track Martinez Subdivision is part of the old Southern Pacific Cal-P line.  The BNSF Stockton Subdivision carries only freight in this area, a vital link between BNSF’s yard in Richmond and the UP crossing in Stockton.

Amtrak California keeps the UP line’s rails shiny.  Eastbound and westbound Amtrak California Capitol Corridor trains run along the bay all day long, behind dark blue, silver and gold Amtrak California F59PHIs and blue and silver Amtrak P42s.   On weekdays the line hosts 32 daily Capitol Corridor trains and 8 San Joaquins.  In addition, two of Amtrak’s premier long-distance trains use this line, the California Zephyr and the Coast Starlight.

On September 23, 2008, TSG Multimedia’s cameras filmed every train that came through Pinole from mid-morning until late in the afternoon.

This video shows each train in its entirety!

Our cameras caught 16 of the Capitols and 5 San Joaquins on this video!  We also caught the California Zephyr during our time trackside in Pinole.  The Zephyr appears twice, once as eastbound train 6, just beginning its cross-country run to Chicago, and again as westbound train 5.

Several Union Pacific freight trains also came through Pinole while we were there, as well as a BNSF local and BNSF’s hotshot “Z” train!

A Day at Pinole also includes a bonus still photo library!

Join us for a look at this busy railroad hot spot as we spend a day at Pinole!


A Day at Pinole Trailer

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