Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

TSG Multimedia respects the privacy of our customers.  We do not share email addresses, street addresses, phone numbers, or any other personal information with anyone.

All website purchases are completed via PayPal or Amazon Pay.  We do not collect payment information directly on this website, nor do we store such information on this site or elsewhere.  TSG Multimedia has no control over any information collected by PayPal or Amazon Pay during the checkout process.


Customers may create an account or make a purchase as a guest.  For customers who create an account, personal information, such as email address(es), street address(es), etc. is retained for their convenience, so that they do not have to enter the same information again when making additional purchases.  This information is never shared with third parties or anyone else.

Shipping addresses are supplied to us for all customers.  We use these to ensure that products are delivered where they are supposed to go.  Again, we never share this information.





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